New Space

Hello friends!
It's launching day. I will no longer be posting here.
Mrs. Princess Pookie has officially retired.
Click HERE to enter into my new blog.
I hope you like it!  

P.S. Don't forget to change your bookmark!

It's Almost Time!

The new blog is about ready to launch. Are you ready?

Thanks for your patience. It's coming. Promise!
P.S. Check out this fashion blog. She's super cute!


Weekend At My House

Guess What?
this blog is getting a makeover! Stay tuned!
In the meantime...

Updated chalkboard.

Had fun being silly.

Completed project emerald green guest bath. 
Had fun with a hedge hog craft.
And still reallly digging my dollar store garland creation. 

Hope you had a great weekend too.
It's Monday...Make it a great one!

P.S. Gouls night out was a smashing success. :)
We made GINORMOUS spider headbands, candy garland, and cupcake topers. 
The die hards that stayed til midnight.


Tis The Season

It's starting to look like Halloween in my world. YAY!
I have 20 gouls coming to my house tonight for a crafting night. 
"Gouls Night Out"
I'm freaking out just a bit. 
Excuse me while I go pull my hair out.

See you!
P.S. See those pumpkin lanterns and skeletons in the garland. Dollar store! Go buy some.


And it Begins

October 1.
Let it begin. 
Pumpkins, cooler temps, my birthday, boots, sweaters, my birthday, cider, donuts, my birthday, football, Halloween, my birthday, changing colors, fabulous accessories, my birthday, let's see what else...um maybe
my birthday?
In case you were wondering AZ is not the greatest place to "experience" the fall. If I put on a pair of boots and a sweater right now I'd likely die. But, we can pretend. 

Speaking of pretending...


Weekend At My House

You know you've had too full of a weekend when you look forward to Monday. 
I need a nap.
I didn't really take any pics this weekend so you're stuck with these. I broke out my star headband that I adore. But, after wearing it remembered why I don't wear it often. Headache! And THIS is my new favorite investment piece. I'm pretty sure it's going to win the popularity contest this fall over eveything else in my closet.
BTW have I ever mentioned shoes matter?
It's Monday. Make it a great one. 

P.S. Project emerald green guest bath almost complete. Amost.


Secret's Out

If I don't finish this project (guest bath) over the weekend my hubs just might kill me. 
Wish me luck!
And as always...Crappy pics coming soon!

 Do you have an emerald fetish?
If you do you'll enjoy these pics.

I love black, emerald, and gold together.
Does it make you wanna say "follow the yellow brick road"?
It's Friday. 
Shop. Eat Cake. Paint!

P.S. The color is "Emerald" from Pantone Universe by Lowes. It's all sorts of fabulous! And of course super chic because it's the 2013 color of the year!

Don't you think Dorthy would have looked way hotter in these on her way to the Emerald City. So freaking gorgeous!