Hats Off To A Lamo Day {yesterday}

Finally got to the coat closet project. What a thrill~um...NOT!

Before......................... After
Nothing too special but certainly an improvement. I even earned myself another trip to the Goodwill. (you're welcome Gail:D)

Messes like these (thank you Lucy Jayne) is why I have Ben & Jerry's ice cream in my fridge. Think about this for a moment. If you added up all the time you spent, in a lifetime, cleaning up annoying little messes like this, how many hours would it equal? For me, I'm bound to lose a couple days. At least!

AND...this is what I get for eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream at 10:30pm!

Because I LOVE ME...

Roses for myself for no particular reason at all.

Ended the day with a little A.I. I enjoy this show. I especially enjoy the freakies who think they can sing. Certainly they know they suck. Right?

New Juicy find(s): I dig this necklace. Anyone out there wanna buy it for me? Go HERE if you're feeling the urge to splurge. While you're at it you might as well pick up THIS watch (I tried this on. WANT IT!) and THESE earrings.

Princess Homework: Go buy yourself a bouquet of flowers~or a new Juicy Couture accessory. A princess ALWAYS deserves fresh flowers for no reason at all.


Lauri said...

I gotta say I had to really study those pictures to see much of a difference ;-) You sure you NEED all of that stuff? I by myself flowers all the time. It brightens and freshens up the house. My favorite is in the summer when I can go out to my garden and pick my own bouquet!

Messes, messes. Aren't they the stories of our lives? If I have to pick up the pieces to Candyland one more time.....

Jenette said...

I think my whole house needs a good decluttering/cleaning. But with this new baby, I haven't been able to get anything done.

annette said...

We have that game too! It looked like that once... lol I made my kids clean it up tho. Their mess, not mine!

I buy my own flowers too. Last year I remember a pot of tulips I got for me - how perfect! What a nice surprise! They are my favorite! How did I know? Since they were in a pot, I planted the bulbs and I should get to enjoy them again. Yay! It's the gift that keeps on giving!