It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare? I Do!

Hmm...What to post about today? My brain is mush, I haven't been "out and about" aka "shopping" for well over a week now (no, something is not wrong with me, I've been busy people) and quite frankly all I want to do is take a long nap. Once again the sun has left my part of the world (what a surprise) consequently leaving me in a state of complete blahness. NO, I'm not depressed. And YES, I have crap days just like the rest of the human race! However, I refuse to let the word ''depressed" be part of my vocabulary. Anyway, in honor of my non-depressed blahness I have chosen a cosmetic free zone for Today's' "TT".

A cosmetic free Princess Pookie chillin' in her bed doing much of absolutely nothing. Now this is a TREND I could get use to!

AHHH....the beauty (or not so much) of being an all natural babe. BTW: You can uncover your eyes now. It's not that bad! Or is it?:) How liberating it is to go cosmetic free in a world that is so cosmetic full. Do I dare go in public like this? Yes! And I do just about everyday. (Note: My career is getting paid to work out. Why apply blush when you're just going to sweat it off!) Don't get me wrong. I adore my personal cosmetic collection housed in the little black & white checked box that sits comfortably on the back of my toilet. (Note: back of toilet is NOT a great storage area for cosmetics. I'll let you do the math on that one.) However, there's something to be said about being PROUD of the face that God blessed you with. In case you were wondering, God did not create you wearing #2 foundation and "tickle me pink" lip gloss!

So...I dare you. Throw your cosmetics to the wind (or the toilet if you're me) for the day! BUT with this challenge comes the trip to Costco, on sample day of course, greeting each and every employee with a PROUD grin on your gloss-free lips.

TO those of you who cannot live without application, here are a few products I really like that don't say "Buy me a drink baby".

Tinted moisturizer: "You Rebel"~Benefit
Eyes: Your favorite mascara
Cheeks: Sheer cream blush in "Shhh!"~Benefit
Lips: M.A.C. lipglass in "PRRR" (thanks Deb!)

Princess Pookie's Little Confession: I may leave the house without make up but I absolutely will not leave my house without freshly brushed teeth and my Burt's Bee's lip balm. Sorry, not gonna happen princesses!

Shine On!
I liked the song from yesterday so much that I decided to enlighten your ears once more.
Download Me: Shine On~The Kooks

P.S. So I may have an ugly face but I do have pretty toes. I'm tellin' ya, pretty toes in the dreary months do wonders for the girlie spirit within!

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