Nice to meet shoe! Lookie at my new rock star shoes! $12.99 baby. I know, you're all jealous cuz I not only found cool shoes but found them at a cool price! Hit your local Marshall's and we could be twinners!
The Car hunt is over!

Can you guess the car we got? I hit the 50 mileage mark today~whoa! Ain't gonna be no Slurpie drinking in my car. It has that "new car" smell. 45 freakin degrees today (so my car says) and just yesterday we were slip and slidin' at a playdate! Have I mentioned I hate living in Washington?

Cereal sale! Good old Crunchy Corn Bran. I use to steal this from my roommate when we were in Jerusalem. However, this same roommate would set her alarm for 4AM-classes started at 8- and her alarm would go off for hours until she actually got her butt out of bed! I think we ended up hiding her alarm clock too. Nonsense! :)

Decor...Picked these bad girls up at an antique store last weekend. I think I'll name them Milly and Gert. I'm loving the silhouette stuff out there. Now to find them a home. Maybe my kitchen??

And more SHOE news~

Okay, so ever since I found THESE shoes for my "wedgie" post I have been thinking about them. They are fab! Let's see...what can I take back?:)

C-Ya tomorrow babalicious babes!

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Julianna said...

I don't think you got a car truck mini, even though that was my vote. So, what did you get?