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And what a weekend it was!Happy first day of summer! Welcome to Washington!

Here it is June 22 and the official start of summer and my poor son is STILL in school. Once again...Welcome to Washington! There is something not right about being in school for so dang long! The stinkin' school district has added so many stupid "school break days" that next thing we know we'll be doing our sparklers during recess for the 4th of July. GIVE ME A BREAK! Get me out! One more day then we're done. However, I better watch it cuz I predict an "I'm bored" by 2pm Wednesday! Thank goodness we leave for vacation on Friday.

Our Father's Day weekend at a glance.

Swimming at the pool. It was NOT warm. Thank goodness for Dad's who take the children swimming in 65 degree weather! We sat in our jackets and observed.

Exploring at the beach.

Mr. Crabs and Patrick.

My rain gear. We live in Washington and never seem to have an umbrella!

Me having a heart attack as I watched my family cross the log. Motherhood has turned me into a basket case when it comes to potential danger!

Waterfall we hiked to...in the RAIN!
Lucy's weekend phrase: "You're freakin' me out!"

On top of the world!

We hope you had a great weekend Dad!


JRiggles said...

I hear ya about the school thing. They need to get rid of that week off in February and put it towards summer vacation.

I love the Mr. Crabs and Patrick pic!!!

annette said...

You do know that it has been raining in Idaho for 40 days and 40 nights, right?

We have only one camping weekend in and it was a lousy one. PLEASE let the sun shine!!! Throw me a friggin' bone!

Lauri said...

Great pictures! Where were you guys at? Looks like a great place to go, when it's not raining!!