The List

To Do:
1. Wake up
2. Get dressed
3. Accessorize~of course!
4. Get in car
5. Drive down to harbor
6. Walk to end of dock
7. Chuck Mr. Computer as far as the arm shall allow
8. Get back in car
9. Drive to computer store
10. Buy new computer

And there you have it.

I have had so many silly, funny, "Wo is me", Are you for real? moments in the last couple weeks that I have wanted to share but Mr. Computer (my next computer is going to be "princess" instead of "Mr."!) has not allowed me to share the humor. For example, my Lulu chose to wash her hands in an already used public toilet the other day as my head was turned. Pleasant eh?! Oh, and let's not forget the beautiful picture she colored on my brand new LEATHER car door. Ya, that's right... She's a mini Picasso for the car. Let's just say I struggled to keep my cool for that one. Always love her just don't always like her.;)

Anyway, please be patient with me as I work through this challenging time. The LAST thing I want to spend money on right now is a freakin new computer. However, it's pathetically ridiculous how dependent I am on such technology. Anyone out there have any suggestions on which model to purchase? Preferable one that works at lightening speed, never dies, pays the bills, washes the dishes and troubleshoots itself. Oh, and a nice shade of pink would be lovely as well!

P.S. Got my fuchsia cowboys boots from the Nords sale. They are so crazy...I LOVE them. Pic. to come soon. That is if Mr. Computer complies.

P.S.S. THIS liner in Ooh and Aah-shade: black and silver- by Too Faced is so much fun! Pair it with your fakies (as in eyelashes....and/or boobs:D) and you'll be glamouriffic! Go play with it for FREE at your local Sephora. More of my favorite Too Faced product recommendations to come.


annette said...

I have been very happy with my Toshiba laptop.... Good luck 'puter shopping. I hate it.

Shana Eberhard said...

I'm telling you Macbook is the best. It's a little pricier, but you will never want a PC again. Trust me!