Sun, Sand and Lots and Lots of Food!

I'm off to my favorite vacation spot of all~time vacation. (Well almost of all~time. Hawaii's a pretty close second. Ooh, I really enjoy Disney Land as well. I'm sure Greece is nice too.:D) Be back to show off some fantastic REAL tans, crazy boat hair and make up free faces. Here are some pics of the crazy people who I ADORE (most days!) and will be spending the next week with in the sand, sun and lots and lots of H20!

Texting maniacs! I'm so over my texting limit this month cuz of these two dudes!

Brower Power


My WHOLE royal clan!

The Smith's minus 1 daughter who was hanging out with the boys at EFY.

Da Men

Twin Bro #1 kidos

Twin Bro #2 Family

My Girls. Miss you babes SOOOOO much!

My Silly Bro's and Sis's

My twin Bro's who don't look like they even came from the same family!
See ya next week!


annette said...

They have text plans that have limits...? Wow...


The Henricksen Journal said...

looks like you are having fun! I love your new photo of girly shoes with feet in them... is yours the blue with the bow and the pink toe nails? :)