What Have I Been Up To?

Visiting Big Bird's Home
(Tai Pan~very cool home decorating store in Utah)
What on earth would one do with a basket like this?
Coveting my sis-in-laws new houndstooth chair (that we made her buy:D)~It's so cute!

Painting my sis-in-laws house to match her new chair that we made her buy.
Wearing extremely fashionable clothes while painting my sis-in-laws house and coveting her new chair.

Late nite dinner here outside the patio in the warm breeze.
(Killer soups!)

Shopping at REAMS

...for cowboy boots. Now that's just hilarious! (For those of you not familiar with REAMS, let me just say it's not really a store you'd normally find me or my sisters in.) Nords has a pair going on sale for the Anniversary sale but the stupid things are still $300! We stopped in REAMS in hopes of finding something just as suitable. No such luck~surprise, surprise!:D

And last but certainly not least, wondering...Is she for real?
Please accept my apology for post delays.
Family first.
Shopping second.
Eating at my fav. Utah restaurants third.
Blogging...when I have time while on vacation.


annette said...

I've driven past Tai Pan a bunch of times and every time I do I think, "Gosh, I want to go in there and look around..." But I'm sure that I'll look around and thing, "Dude. I could get that for a fraction back in Cebu..." Grrr!

Hey, the lady in the nasty sandals-with-socks combo: as scary-grotesque as it looks, she does look *comfortable*. And that rates in my book. Maybe not high enough to actually wear it out where it can be seen by unsuspecting strangers... Or even high enough to spend my hard earned money on it in the first place. But... There's a lot to say for comfort. ;P

VintageMixer said...

I love Zupas, especially the Wisconsin Cauliflower soup. Try it if you haven't already!

Sara said...

I love that you made your sis-in-law buy a chair.....So Cute by the way! Fun stores-I'm jealous!

Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

Okay... the sock/sandal combo photo HAD to have been taken in a cultural hall somewhere. Am I right???