It's Trendy Tuesday (or Wednesday)...Do You Dare?

I smell a yummy pair of BOOTS in the air!

BOOT-A-Licious Boots! OH MY...help me! I think I may have a serious addiction problem on my hands. As I was searching for today's Trendy Tuesday (or Wednesday:D) feature I found myself coveting every pair of BOOTS I laid my brown eyes on. Beautiful boots. Pretty boots. Sassy boots. Tall boots. Shorty boots. Suede, animal print, wedged, buttons, cozy, distressed, dressy, round toe, square heel...HELP...I can't stop. I need rehab. However, the good news is I'm only allowed to shop with my pretend charge card in my imaginary boot world with my imaginary boot loving friend named Gary, who of course roots for the other team because any boot appreciating man in this world would either be a Wrangler wearing cowboy or Hell's Angel. Not that that's a bad thing but, you get my drift.
Conclusion: I can't think of a better way to top off the perfect outfit...add BOOTS!
P.S. Here's the boot snob coming out. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Cheap boots look like cheap boots. Save the $$$ for a nice quality pair of boots. They'll be worth every box of Mac-N-Cheese you'll have to eat due to the "quality" boot purchase!
BTW: If you live in WA you've had a chance to dust off those boots. STUPID rain! STUPID 60 degrees! STUPID piece of buttered toast I dropped on my UGG boot this morning!

Hmm... I just cannot wrap my fashion brain around THESE yet. What do you think?
P.S.S.S and maybe another S. No new computer yet. This one decides to work when it's in a good mood so I can't bring myself to buy a new one. Even though most days it takes a good 15 min. just to navigate to a new web page~fabulous! NOT!


Mimi said...

I'd like to give boots the boot ;-) Just kidding. I like boots...They just seem to take up too much precious real estate in my closet that I end up cursing their name. That, and they flop everywhere--

I keep holding out for some fancy/ comfy snow boots but I haven't found any in years.

As for the boot you on are the fence about- the only thing that comes to mind when I see that boot is... "fe fi fo fum" I'm pretty sure that is the exact boot the Giant wore in jack and the bean stock. However, I'm sure in a few years I will love them. It take me awhile to give into fashion.

annette said...


These two are gazing off into the distance, deep in thought, "If we only had pockets, we'd have a wallet in which lay a credit card that would allow us to buy the lace-up Nordstrom boots online. Alas and alac... Perhaps it 'tis not meant to be, as we have no physical address in Sherwood Forest... Tally Ho!!!!!"

annette said...


Did the link post this time? :)

Anna said...

got those moccasin boots for christmas!! absolutely love them!! super comfy but kinda a pain to put on!