Cake Shmake...

I had my cake and ate it too. Maybe even a little too much.
Ah crap! I only meant to take one bite. Stupid "evening it out" rule.
So our local Safeway sells these "single serving" cake in a box things that strategically sit near the check out area. This pic. doesn't do it justice but this "single serving" ain't "no single" serving people. It's HUGE. And before you know it you've eaten the whole flippin thing...for dinner.

Stupid yummy cake!

Here's and idea. Wear THESE the next time you eat cake. ADORABLE! And maybe you'll want to go exercise after you've eaten the "single serving" cake. That or take a nap!

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annette said...

I have no problem walking right on by the chocolate cake. It's not my vice. However.....

.....I did just buy a bag of candy corn Hershey Kisses at Target on Monday (and an owl tshirt :). YUM! I left the kisses at work so they are safe... for now. Unfortunately, I have a key.