Happy Birthday Mr. Walker

To My Prince,

May we continue to love each other through all the wrinkles (both), thinning hairs (you) and saggy boobs (me). I love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday To You!

Mrs. Princess Pookie

BTW: His birthday isn't until Sunday but in our house when your birthday falls on a weekend, we believe in celebrating birthday "weekends".


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Jer!
I'm kinda afraid to ask how old? All I know is you are waaaaaay older than Shawn, JoDee and I:)
Hope you had a great Birthday Weekend Celebration!
(Personally, I try to claim the whole month:))

Mandy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!

And Girl, I believe celebrating ALL WEEK LONG. Ha!!!! Hope your Birthday weekend was full of FUN.