It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

It's an ETSY Trendy kind of day. I found these stellar items on Etsy last night. The name of the shop is Vivid Colors. Click on over and take a peek at all the lovely items this shop has to offer. I LOVE what this designer has done....beautimus! AND the promo in the shop until Oct. 1 is BOGO~like Payless shoes. Who doesn't love a great SALE.


Ooh la la I'm drooling over these (above) necklaces. Flowers around the neck are a big thing right now princesses. These ones are so romantic. The perfect creative touch to any TRENDY outfit. How would I wear one? Black button down shirt with a delicate sleeve, pencil skirt...hmm...tweed maybe, with funky legwear and THESE shoes! I think it's time to go shopping!

Come on. Don't be so boring. Wearing something TRENDY today!

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VividColors said...

Thank you so much!!!:0)