Patch Time

My BFF and I took a quick trip to our favorite pumpkin patch. We were the only ones there. Peace, love and pumpkin selection galore!

Spooner Farms has an excellent variety!

Pumpkins for my Pottery Barn wannabe porch. I'll let you know how it turns out. Knowing my luck, probably ghetto.

WHEN I get window boxes on my house I'm totally doing this.

If you live in my neck of the woods and haven't taken the opportunity to visit a pumpkin patch in the Orting valley, it's definitely worth the roadtrip. Advice: DON'T go on a Saturday!
We like Spooner Farms for lots of variety and cute gift shop, Scholz Farms for carving pumpkins (or Walmart:D~cheap!) and Maris Farms for activities. Click HERE and scroll to Pierce Co. for more info.
Happy pumpkin hunting!


Jenette said...

I love fall/halloween time. it is sooo fun!
ps I love your background!

Sara said...

I always think of you at the beginning of Fall! Your house always looks and smells so amazing! Of course your wanna be pb porch will turn out....your JoDee:)I have a little vision for mine, but need to buy more decorations for the porch.....I already have 3 halloween/fall bins-Yikes!!!! I'm still waiting for a certain someone to help me get them down from the attic:)
And hey! Our pumpkin patches are always so crazy....don't give aways our fav. places:) Let's get a date on the calendar to have your Fam to our house for some home cooked chili and cornbread made by Mua:) I'll email you some dates!

annette said...

We were at the grocery the other day and walked past one of those pumpkin containers fully of decorative gourds. Aarika points at a warty one and says, "Ewww! Mom, something is wrong with this one!" Hahahaha!!