Birthday Bliss

Wait, that's it? It's over already? What a ripper! Actually it turned out to be a lovely weekend. Besides the hair that was in my food at our church Halloween party~ook~it's still haunting me! Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes everyone. My computer once again hates me. Yes, the same computer that has been giving me fits for months now that I despise but am so dependant on. It's having a mood swing again. Maybe it's on its period or something. Stupid computer! BTW: My Lulu keeps giving me the using the word "stupid" lecture. Bad Mommy!

Welcome back Monday. I didn't really miss you.:D

P.S. That surprise I keep talking about is still on its way!!

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Lauri said...

Nice to realize you are still alive. I was wondering if old age took the better of you. Hope you had a great birthday, missed having lunch. Maybe next time!!