Turkey, Potatoes and Pie...Oh MY!

Three days later and I still feel like I have a food hangover. This year I almost felt guilty for all the food that was in front of me. Not because of the caloric intake of course:D, but because of the gross amount that is so abundant to us regularly. Something I take for granted every single day. It didn't help that one of the speakers at church yesterday spoke about sharing his meals with 2 adorable starving children who would come find him at his army camp (is that what it's called). A very sweet story but yet something that my children could never comprehend. That's it, I'm making my children beg for their quesadillas so that they'll appreciate them.:D

Anyway, I didn't take any pics of the important stuff over the weekend but I figured it has been a while since I've posted "wannabe" fashionable pics so here ya go. Yesterday's attire:

Shirt: Target 9.99, Skirt: Anthropologie $75ish-hey, don't be a hater. A basic black skirt that I love and wear all the time is worth EVERY penny. Tights: Target: $3.99, Booties: Payless $16.99, Ring: Forever 21 $2.80-I wear it all the time!

Not that I shop anywhere that carries $900 Jimmy Choo shoes but if I did, I'm sure this would be the look on my face if my daughter tried to try one on. Shoe stores hate us. She's really good at messing up all the displays. Free entertainment! Did you check out my 80's purple eye shadow?:D

Happy Monday...Make it a great one! Wear purple eyeshadow and you'll be sure to have an electric day.

P.S. Have you started decking your halls? Or at least Fa la la la la-ing? I'm sitting her staring at 6 Rubbermaids~professional decorator where are you?


Jenette said...

I am wearing purple eye shadow today!

sarah said...

my halls are decked!

Rebecca Parker said...

what's wrong with purple eye shadow? we husky fans wear it all fall:) even if we're not bowl-bound!