My Christmas Treasure Chest

15 Little Things I Treasure at CHRISTMAS

1. Finding special little gifts for my kids.

2. Singing Christmas songs in the car~Fa la la la la...

3. Homemade carmel (and fudge)

4. The memories that come with pulling out the decorations

5.The Christmas spirit

6. School performances

7. Getting Christmas cards from friends

8. Red jingle bells

9. The effort to get a Holiday family photo~ha, right!

10. EVERYTHING peppermint

11. Letters to Santa

12. Sitting next to my Prince on the couch and admiring the tree late at night.

13. A good cheese ball~YUM!

14. Traditions...old and new.

15. The testimony I have of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ

What's in your Christmas treasure chest?

1 comment:

Sara said...

1. Getting a special package in the mail.....:) Thank YOU! Ellee and I LOVE them all!