Now That Is Just UGLY!

{We're supposed to be posing like a prom date.}
PARTY IN THE WALKER HOUSE! This weekend we kicked off the Holiday season by hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party at our house.
Good times! Good Food! Good folks! Good Laughs!

Every ugly sweater Christmas party has to have a white elephant gift exchange and a round of cheesy charades. The book is a totally innocent novel about wresting!
And the winners are....
The fabulous duo who went first class at Goodwill. David, the hole certainly adds an extra touch of class and Elaine...pearls...you fancy girl.

And...the couple who got creative. The gloves are a lovely embellishment Courtney and Gould, those are some pretty fancy red pants. You guys are feakin hilarious!

Plan your ugly sweater party today!

What we did: We met at our house, went OUT to eat (who has time to cook?!), came home and played cheesy games, served pie out of a box....EASY party fun!

Hope all who came had a good time. See you next year. And remember, all those ugly sweaters go on sale the day after Christmas. Or...you can just create your own~rock on puff paint!

Happy ugly sweater Christmas party planning!


Pam said...

Thanks for the clarification on the book. I kept squinting and squinting trying to figure out just what it was all about. I didn't think you regularly hosted THAT kind of party! And Courtney's sweater - well I thought at first glance that the gloves were reindeer.

Princess Pookie said...

What do you mean Pam? They are reindeer!:D

annette said...

My boss' wife was wearing a Christmas sweater when she stopped by work today and I, um...., er...., thought of you. *blushing* Shhhhh! Don't tell! I graciously complemented her on... something else. :O!