Santa's Arrival

In our house on December 1st Santa brings us Christmas Jammies, advent calendars and a special Christmas book. Funny thing-Kels is old enough now to know when Dec. 1 actually is. Years prior if "Santa" wasn't exactly prepared, the goods could come a day or two late. Nope, not this year. Yesterday "Santa" was out searching for advent calendars for an after school delivery! Walgreens...who knew. I don't generally frequent that store but I ended up getting like 1/2 my Christmas shopping done~funny. You should check it out!
Do you have any Christmas traditions at your house? Do please share.
p.s. Only two more rubbermaids to go and my halls will be decked. And just think, I have to take it all down~Maid??


annette said...

We started two new traditions last year - Elf on the Shelf (idea courtesy of YOU) and the Christmas Pickle, both of which went over smashingly! My kids got the elf out this year before Thanksgiving and they noticed repeatedly that he didn't move until Dec 1. Um... I need to set an alarm or something. LOL Last year Aarika got the Christmas Pickle and her extra gift was a camping cookbook. I'm still trying to figure out what the extra gift will be this year. I need gender non-specific gift ideas... Hmmm.... We also do the more typical stuff like get hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights. There's a few houses nearby that do the whole "broadcast music over the radio and coordinate the lawn displays to it" thing. We usually park our car out in front of their house with 10-15 other cars-full of weirdos and watch the whole 30 minute show. Yeah, it's kind of creepy/stalkerish, but my kids remember it year to year and it's fun for them so we do it. :P

Sara said...

LOVE the Walker Traditions:) We have started Elf on a Shelf for the 2nd year now:) I've been trying to decorate my house one bin a day....I slacked the days I worked this week, so now I'm behind and kinda not looking foward to it, because I keep thinking I have to take this all down.....Where did this Bah Hum Bug come from? :) Snap me out of it!!!!! Can you come to the dinner/game night I emailed you about? Did you even get it? I don't know if I still have your correct email address!

The kiddos are as cute as ever by the way:)

JRiggles said...

Love the jammies!!!