The HAPPIEST place on earth

Denied. Closed. Gone. You heard me. Disney was sold out. At least that was the rumor floating around the park on Tuesday. Apparently we weren't the only ones with the idea to go to Disney for Christmas. We had a fabulous time staring at the back of strangers heads and waiting in endless lines (praise to the switch pass Gods but curse the freakin Nemo ride). Not to mention fighting for space for 1/2 a butt cheek to fit on a sliver of sidewalk to watch the parade. Yes, Disney, the HAPPIEST place on earth.
This is what 5 billion people, a whining 3 yr old, a cotton candy overdose and 10 times on the merry-go-round does to innocent parents.
Welcome to
5 days at Disneyland

Our little darlings who never fought, always obeyed and never begged for the $12 balloons.
(Honestly...they were really good-mostly.)

Behold...Princess Lu

Princess lunch rip off (but priceless:D)

Who is your favorite princess?

Prince Charming and myself. Yes, that would be me sportin' Disney apparel-"vintage"from Forever 21 that is. :D
P.S. I may wear Minnie Mouse but you will never catch my children wearing plastic velcro character shoes. No offense.

Disney's little secret drug-the BEST hot cocoa ever!

Tea cup high

Pic of me with kids
(I'm wearing a fanny pack~hee hee)

Pic of him with kids

Stranger taking a pic of us
(Small world aka "creepy boat ride")

Explorer Kels
(California Adventure)

Lollipops and french fries=whine free zone

And a few vacation fashions...

MC Hammer called and would like his pants back. Flip flops and socks. Hmm...you're either from the great Northwest or China.

Disney embroidered denim~darling. Glow in the dark pants~handy!

Conclusion: We had a really good time. A really good time. Really!
Note to self~ Next time go to Mexico!
P.S.Stay tuned for the New Year's post.


Rebecca Parker said...

No need to be ashamed of fanny pack, my dad always sports 'em on fam trips:) we don't complain 'cuz contents will next pay for all 16 o' us to go to Disneyland next mo! Thanks for preview:)

Julianna said...

Where did you get your kids cute disney shirts!!!