This weekend I...

~Shrunk my curtains {GRR!}
~Ripped my house apart for "THE" paint project.
~Got paint in my hair.
~Got paint on my RED coat.
~Got paint on my carpet.
~Got confused by which paint color to actually paint (I'm currently on color #4.)
~Got annoyed when Prince Charming pretended to care about my paint dilemma.
~Stood the babysitter up.
~Bugged Prince Charming when I tried to make a suggestion in HIS garage. (Whoops! I know better!)
~Made crappy apple crisp. Anyone want some?
~Said an inappropriate word when I stubbed my toe.
~Went to Target to Buy Q-tips. Left Target with 5 things I didn't need and no Q-tips. Went back to Target.
~Scolded my children after finding a booger on my bedspread.
~And...started to clean out a closet and never finished.

I suck! Thank goodness for a new week, a new start and that thing called forgiveness.
Make it a GREAT Monday.
P.S. Did anyone pull out their fancy jewels?

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annette said...

This weekend I walked into my living room and thought, "Hmmm.... I want to paint this room teal. Yeah. That would look good. I already have the paint chip all picked out...." And then I walked out of the room, paid some bills, shopped, went to dinner with friends..... And I'm totally ok with that.

I'm loving the Fleming & John tune. It's my favorite. *grin* LOL

No, no fancy jewels this weekend. But I did buy some faux fur - and for less than half of the original price. Good times! I also snagged a lipstick case covered with fuschia silk embroidered asian fabric with a little mirror inside. Mirrored lipstick cases make me happy. My grandma on my mom's side always had one in her purse. :)