What was I thinking?

Give me an F
Give me an A
Give me a T
What does that spell...UGH!

My meal log:
8:20am: Cinnamon roll
12:25 pm: Corndog with cherry lemon aide
3:50 pm: Cowboy cookies
7:00 pm Loaded baked potato soup-emphasis on LOADED!
7:05 pm, 7:20 pm, 7:35 pm and possibly one last bite around 8:00 pm:
Chips and guac
(Warning: Put chips and guac in front of me...there will be none left for you.)
10:30pm: Ginormous red velvet cupcake
Anyone got any Tums?
P.S. Speaking of guacamole, THIS cracks me up.


JRiggles said...

MMmmm Food. I love it. I love the Austin Power clip too..stinkin' funny!!!

Anonymous said...

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