Welcome to Crap Land

My life has officially been crapped on. Last week was anything but a bowl of cherries. More like rotten cherries. From paint drama to a sleepless night at my sisters house due to the paint drama, nothing seemed to work in my favor. Wait, did I mention the icing on the red velvet cake? A traffic violation ticket that arrived in the mail on Saturday with my name on it. I'll spare you all the "life is not fair" details BUT...LIFE IS NOT FAIR. A camera giving $124 ticket? Welcome to America! Stupid camera tickets. Stupid UPS guy for making me drive to Fife, camera ticket place, to pick up my package that he didn't deliver.

So, instead of buying this absolutely gorgeous handbag (pic below), I get to pay for our law enforcement's donuts and coffee. (That was a joke.)

Under normal circumstances I really should end a post such as this with the bright side. Well to heck with the bright side. Quite frankly I'm not in the mood. I'm grouchy, my house is a disaster zone and my 3 yr old just peed her pants. That's nothing to make lemon aide out of. Right?

Wrong. Yes, life can be rotten but... My hardwood floor got laid. YEAH! I had a successful closet cleaning session. HOORAY! (It's pretty now. All our hangers match and I have fancy shoe boxes for all my shoes thanks to Costco.) And I am married to the best Prince in Never Never land. LOVE you.

May your cherries not go rotten this week!

P.S. I'm still pissed about the ticket!

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Sara said...

I know soooo many people getting those wonderful camera tickets in the mail......My girlfriends usually try blaming their husbands first...but it's always them!

Hang in there! You guys go through major disasters in your house for a reason....THE FINAL RESULT, which is always AMAZING!!!!!
xoxo I thought you might need some of those:)