It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)


I took my kids to McSicko last night. That was a stupid choice. There was some kind of Mcfundraiser going on. The place was upchuck full Mcbrats. Lu spilled her Mcdrink TWICE. Yes, I said TWICE. They screwed up our Mcorder. I ate a Big Mac. Another stupid choice. Ronald McDonald showed up out of the blue and scared the crap out of all of us. (Human clowns=nightmares.) The place was so noisy my head was pounding. I hate McDonald's. And for the record, their fries suck. So why do we continue to go there? Mom's all over the world are asking the same question.

This red belt is HOT!

This trench coat was a GREAT shade of green. Adore the white hat. Paired together~FAB!

This ruffle shirt in white~Welcome spring!
I can't even remember the last time I step into The Limited (FYI: I worked there in college. Dumb job. Not a fan of retail as a career.) I had some time to kill the other day so I took a step inside. I was pleasantly surprised. Here (above) are few things I certainly could have gone home with.
Suggestion: Go buy a new white shirt-button down, T, whatever-it's time for a refresh! Oh, and throw out the old one. White needs to be recycled!
Don't you LOVE Friday? Do something for you!

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Julianna said...

Oh The Limited and Days at Crossroads Mall together.