It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

It's SPRING tote time. Nope, don't really need one. Yep, just fun to have a new one for the new season.

I purchased this tulip baby over the weekend. The idea is super cute but I'm totally taking it back.

Just might exchange for this unique spring cutie.

Anyone out there have any suggestions? Where to go? Not loving anything at Target. I tend to like fabric bags for spring because A) Much more affordable than leather and B) Fun color combos!

Happy new tote shopping and happy Trendy Tuesday!


The Henricksen Journal said...

My sister has those green boots you are profiling.... watch for their appearance at church one of these days. Btw, Target is having a 50% off sale on fabric bags. Just some some before ballet class on Monday. ($5) You've probably seen them... they are okay..

La Femme said...

Where did you find these bags...let me know!!