As I searched my local bakeries yesterday for St. Patty's Day treats this (pic above) ridiculous combination in the dessert case caught my eye. Maple bar~delicious, if you're a maple bar lover that is. Bacon~doesn't everyone love bacon? (I actually don't.) Together=mini vomit in the back of my throat. Funny thing though...when I came home and shared what I had seen with Prince Charming his eyes lit up. Which totally proves that a man baker invented the baconator maple bar! SICK!

Would you eat it?

P.S. If you have 2:24 min. to spare watch THIS dude. It will make you giggle!


JRiggles said...

Icky Poo! Heck no!! The maple bar ruined it!
Bacon is gooood! Pork chops are goooood! (what movie? anyone? anyone?)

Jenette said...

Bacon is the next new sweet snack...Now you can get is dipped in chocolate at the fair--gross!

Lauri said...

We were in Portland last weekend and the bakery that is down there(VOODOO DONUTS) has them. The guys were so excited to get their hands on them and the girls were skeptical. When my nephew came back with a boxful he informed us they were sold out! Guess they are on to something!