I'm Baaaack!

Happy Freakin Spring Break!
Whatever Utah. We're going to Hawaii next year!
(No joke here folks. This snowperson was built by my children.)

The low down...
Happy BIG GIRL 4th birthday to our Lulu. (March 29)
Happy 13th anniversary to my Prince Charming. (March 26)
Happy Easter to all of you! (The Easter bunny almost forgot to visit us:D)
Kink in my butt (is there such a thing?) from sleeping in a full sized bed for the last 10 nights.
Eating out overdose~yuck! Training table, Zupa, Pace's, Parson's bakery, Nielsen's frozen custard~stop me before I puke!
Cousin mania
Family! Family! And more Family!
Shopping! Shopping! And more Shopping!
Completely over living out of a suitcase
Home Sweet Home!
Yep! I need a vacation from the vacation.
See ya...ah...once I get a chance to take a nap!


The Playin' Lakins said...

Zupa's Pace's and Parson;s- three must haves when visiting Utah!!! At least you are home now . . . we just got about 6 more inches of snow in the valley! Ugh!

Karen said...

Welcome back...missed your posts!! Training Table, Pace's, and Nielsen's Frozen Custard...love them and visit them while in town. Grateful I get my fix once a year. Congrats on all your celebrations! We love family, but oh so nice when you are in your own home and bed!

Lauri said...

Haha, loving the snowman! Loving my picture of the beach I was on with 85' weather better :-) Glad you are home, missed ya

Jenn said...

WOW i can't believe you got more snow now! Its heating up on the east coast!

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Julianna said...

I can NOT believe that you came to Utah and didn't pick up these blasted CANADAS that I still haven't mailed to you!!!!