It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

No way. Really?

Hey, I dug 'em the last go around!

Do you dare?

Click HERE.


Mimi said...

HA!! I TOTALLY had a pair of these in college. They were fitted silver overalls and I LOVED them! I may have even rolled up the legs a time or two...may have!

I'm pretty sure my ship has sailed with overalls- but never say never- right?

annette said...

I went over to RaNae's the other day and she had her old overalls on. She's thinner than she used to be so her overalls were baggy, and they were speckled with paint... She looked rather cute with a tee underneath and the legs rolled up. She looked very 80's. It made me wanna break out in song, "Too rah loo rah, too rah loo ray aye!"

annette said...
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