$ and Four Stars

Ooh la la Old Navy. Nice job on the flops this year!

Do you know anyone who still calls them thongs? I heard someone call them that the other day and had to chuckle. That's what they were called in my high school days. Know one knew what "thong" really was!


JRiggles said...

Havn't heard them called thongs in forever! That made me grin too!

annette said...

We call them "slippers" from living overseas when my kids were little and learning words. It's what they were called there. We call them flip flops too, but "slippers" comes out just as often.

I can't use the word "thong" anymore without adjusting the seat of my pants. I've pretty much stricken it from my vocabulary because no one wants to see that... lol

Sara said...

I bought a black pair with a ruffly flower on top back in March...such cute thongs...hee! hee! I mean flip flops:) Why in the world did we EVER call them that?!