In the wee hours of the morn after the Mom of the palace is completely spent on project doing, WATCH OUT! She just might throw this at your head. When Prince Charming doesn't do as I say lamps go a flyin'.
Actually, this is what my big butt did as I was diligently using the shop vac at around midnight.
Nothing like burning the midnight oil.
In my next life I shall be so grossly wealthy that I will be able to pay the towns people to do all this crap!
Have a wonderful weekend all. Got to get back to painting the trim~Ooh la fun!
P.S. HERE and HERE are two home decorating blogs that I'm diggin' on. Check 'em out!

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Lauri said...

It looks like a pile of broken egg yolks!Per haps one should be sleeping at midnight, just a thought....have fun painting, I get to go stand out in the rain at a soccer game!