It's FFF BEACH style!

To those of you who actually live where you can visit the beach this time of year and come home with a sun-kissed glow we envy you here in the great NW. Actually we hate your guts!
For those of us who are still wearing jeans and sweaters, never fear, this FABULOUS cosmetic line is here to brighten your day!
To The Beach
Love you Mac!
This MAC cosmetic line has been out for quite some time but over the weekend I finally had a moment to stop in and introduce myself to it. LOVE IT~of course!

I purchased "refined golden" (bronzer) and a super cool body shimmer bronzer thingy. I really wanted (so I thought) "sweet & punchy" (green eye shadow) but after seeing the look on my sister's face I decided against it. Probably a wise choice. Thanks sis! :D
WOW! It's FRIDAY! Gotta LOVE it!

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