Fabulously FREE Fashions

Who needs Nordstrom when you have a recycle bin in your back yard?
Free kiddo entertainment AND free fashions~ a mother's dream come true. The diva spent 1/2 the day with this little number on her head. Oh, and you should have seen the cardboard city her brother built. He's got mad cardboard box skills.
Did you ever spend hours playing in over-sized boxes?
The summer we got the new fridge...playhouse heaven!
THIS store may be a dream come true for you. I was in Portland over the weekend and went absolutely crazy gaga HERE. If you have kids (especially a little girl:D) you MUST check THIS store out!
Happy virtual shopping.
P.S. It's sooo much cuter in person but if you don't live near a store on-line will have to do.

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Kim said...

This store is also located in Redmond at Redmond Towne Center