It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) For Home

Hello? Brain? Are you in there? What have I done? My crazy creating brain has gotten the best of me and I have torn (almost) my WHOLE house apart. Seriously, it's a disaster zone around here. For some reason I seem to think that it's time to switch EVERYTHING around and create new spaces. Yes, this is something I do often around my Home Sweet Home but this time I have ripped apart all three bedrooms, my powder room is down to four falls and a plywood floor with the toilet sitting on my front porch~classy~and I have new paint for the master bath. Anyone wanna come help?
My Inspirations...
Powder room

Mater Bath

Master Bedroom
Kelson's bedroom.

Lucy's bedroom with a little more sass in mind rather that sweet.;)

I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress!
See you in 6 months~hee hee!

Have a marvelous weekend.

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