Welcome Monday

Well isn't she just a peach!

Monday's back already? Seriously? (eye roll)

Projects: Um, no comment.
School Supplies: What the heck are "flair pens"?
Weekend Activities: antique store shopping (show you my goods tomorrow), helped a friend rearrange furniture (fun), bought TP (exciting), drank a Dr. Pepper (rebel)
Toilet: Still on front porch.
Latest Download: Justin Bieber~Shut up! I kinda dig the teen idol.
Lucy~ "This is ticking me off."
Kels~ "Mom when I'm lonely it makes me think of poor kids who are probably lonely and then it makes me sad."
Food: Broke out THIS cookbook. I like it. You should buy it too!:D
Wanting: THIS
Prince Charming: Hot as ever but not thrilled that I ripped into the master bath. xoxo!
Me: Always tired, doing my best not to fail with daily life, hating that summer is over but looking forward to new seasons, new change and FRIDAY!
It's Monday....make it a good one!

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