And She's Off...

Here I sit listening to the clock tick. Eating dessert~first~on the couch (rebel). Doing whatever the heck I want. No Disney channel in the background, no arguing, no obligations to take care of someone else first. Freedom! Let the freedom ring! Today is Lucy's first day of school and my first day of three hours of FREEDOM. Unfortunately that freedom is only going to last a couple more weeks until baby comes along but I shall enjoy every minute of it while it lasts.
And...not feel a single bit guilty about it!
Have to say though....a little creepy how the time flies. She's big enough for school?
Funny how that happens right before your eyes.
Lucy's first day of school.

Decorating her room before going to school. Anyone want to hire her?:D

Drawing pictures while patiently waiting for school to start. These are the step sisters and Cinderella. She keeps hanging her works of art on our front door. When I asked her why she said, "So I don't forget the story Mom."

It's FRIDAY girls...enjoy the weekend!


Shana Eberhard said...

Wow, that was fast! Where did she end up going?

Sara said...

Lucy is sooooo cute! I can't believe she is in school?!?

Anonymous said...

OK I seriously got a little teary readying this and I know Lucy is in school! Where is my baby that would rather cuddle with me than her mama? (I wonder if Baby Boy will be the same? I will have to make sure of that!) Love you Lucy Goosy!!!!