FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

It's a fabulous fashion FRUITY Friday.
Due to the condition of my ridiculous body type (fat and pregnant) I have been very limited (especially as of late) in being able to express myself through my attire. So, here go the nails. Look at these little decals I found at Sally. Mini fruities~oh so cutie! Don't look too close though cuz you'll probably see sheet impressions. I did this late at night. Also, warning...if you have a lame husband like me he may tell you the color on your nails looks like squash. What does he know? What's in the fruit bowl for next week? Lime green with strawberries. Stay tuned.
It's the weekend. YIPEE!

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sarah said...

I want me a set of those~ and I even drove by Sallys today and said I should go in there but didn't want to drag the husband with me while we were on a date :) dang!