500 and Counting

Today marks my 500th post. Yep. 500. I'm not so sure that is something to be proud of but it's certainly an accomplishment of some sort?? And for my 500th post it just so happens that I'm posting about a toilet...or lack there of. Ironic. 500th post and toilets. I can't help but chuckle at that. So my life.
I'd like to show off my brand new bathroom floor laid by my Prince Charming. Didn't he do such a superb job? I won't tell you that he cried like a baby when he saw that I chose "mosaicish" tile instead of boring 12x12 hunks. As for me...unfortunately my wall color choice (lemon yellow) was a complete DISASTER. So, back to ground zero~white. Which is so out of character for me but I refuse to make any more decisions at 9 mo. fat. White it shall stay. For now. Now only if I could get a royal throne in there. Oh Prince Charming...What are you doing tonight? Isn't it interesting how priorities shift when you're nine months (and counting) preg. Toilets~my BFF as of late.


This funky mirror and maybe these decals. No, these were not included in the original decal palate presented a few posts back.
However, I'll take a toilet above all!

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