The REAL Deal

My outfit is awesome!

Using left over Halloween party napkins as toilet paper. No joke.

Why isn't there a baby in here yet? Why oh why?

Toys, laundry, mess. Welcome to my home. Would you like some tea?

Unmade beds~everywhere.

Sicko feet. Being pregnant is so dumb!

Freakin dishes. Go away!

I did NOT eat all of these. Really. I didn't.

Beading frenzy taking over my kitchen.
Wanna know why? Click HERE.

What would we find in your reality?


Jenette said...

In my reality...a baby stuck to my boob 24/7 and a 21 month old girl getting away with murder since I have that baby stuck to me!

La Femme said...

I love that you air your dirty laundry....literally. You're brave.

annette said...

Honey, the horizontal stripes aren't helping you feel better about your condition. I'm just sayin'. (((HUGS))) I love you. :) The pedi was a good plan. It's important to have nice toes. And maybe new socks, if you get chilly in the delivery room....