Get a Life People!

Crazy lunatics!
Happy Black Friday.
You know what I find funny about this shopping day. I bet 95% of what people purchase is only purchased because of the "deal". Me, I'd much rather go buy what I really want at a decent hour of the day rather than buy 5 of what I don't want but it was a good "deal". And that's coming from someone who loves shopping more than life itself!:) Besides who wants to shop with a bunch of freakos who have stinky morning breath and wear Holiday sweaters with kittens on them. No thanks! (hee hee)

Bravo Target for the best Holiday commercials yet!

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Jennifer said...

I do love the lady in the Target commercials. If you've never seen any of her stand up check her out on youtube!

And I completely agree that people who line up like that are NUTS!!!!