I Think I'm Tired. Very Tired.

You are getting sleepy. Very very sleepy.

You're darling at 2 AM but....

you're even more darling when you look like this at 2 AM.

3:37 AM: Hey Berks...do you think that tummy sculpting machine thingy ma jigger really works?
(Everything seems cool at 4 AM. Even infomercials.)
Hey kiddo, think you could sport this look around midnight? Mommy will buy you a pony! How bout a car?
Holy crap I have forgotten about a newborns sleeping habits!
Hello? Millionaire life? I would like to order a night nanny. Must sing lullaby's, clean toilets and make breakfast for the family M-F.

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annette said...

Move to the Philippines. My nanny was $80/mo... and she did toilets too!

I wish I could bring her here, we miss her. :*( I mean, aside from everything she did for us, she was a sweet person and we loved her.