Happy Merry December!

Dear Santa,
I am sorry to say that today in our home we had a wee bit of an accident. You see, as the children and I merrily trimmed the house with Holiday cheer the excitement got the best of little Lulu and down the boot went to a shattering blunder. Quickly our jolly rendition of "Deck the Halls" came to a halt. "Oh what a pity," I said as I gently wiped the tears from Lulu's face. "I am a calm and loving Mommy who completely understands that it was only an accident. It's okay that the pair of Santa boots are no longer a pair. It can't be replaced and they cost a lot of money but, it's okay sugar pie." And with that I pulled the freshly baked gingerbread from the oven and we continued on our merry way. So, we are sorry. Very, very sorry that the most important piece of your ensemble has been ruined. Trust me. I completely understand the devastation that may occur when your outfit is missing the perfect pair of shoes.
Anyway, when shopping for me will you please take into consideration that I was an extra good Mommy who handled the situation wonderfully? A pair of THESE would be lovely.
Thank You!
Mrs. Princess Pookie
P.S. The gingerbread I baked was delicious. We'll be sure to save some for you.
P.S.S. This story is not in anyway sarcastic. Nope. Not me.
It's December 1.
Enjoy. Enjoy Enjoy.

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