Photo Shoot Part 2

Photo shoot session fee: $100

Dry cleaning bill because my son pooped on EVERY prop: $65

(just kidding I really didn't have to pay for dry cleaning but I should have!)

Newborn pictures: PRICELESS!

Dear Jennifer, (the photographer)

There is not enough thanks in the world to express how grateful I am for you and your talents. These pictures mean more to me than my shoe collection (:D) and I appreciate all the patience you had while working with us. You are extremely gifted and I am so glad I was able to work with you. My photo shoot truly turned out priceless!

Jo Dee

P.S. If anyone is interested (it's worth every penny and I HIGHLY recommend her) click HERE to get in contact with Jennifer Wilcox~photographer.


La Femme said...

Beautiful JoDee! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Mary said...

Congratulations JoDee on your beautiful new little boy! Those pics are definitely PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing :) VERY cute Blog:)