Special Treat

My darling niece popped into town yesterday for a quick weekend trip~yea!
We both majored in shopping~hee hee!
We both could spend ridiculous amounts of money at Nordstrom~bad!
We both would eat Top Ramen for a month for new shoes.
And We both are addicted to Sephora.
These mini bags bring me such joy. What's inside?

Crazy cool nail polish. The pic doesn't do the color justice. It's black~ish with copper glitter glam added. Makes me want to PARTY in my undies.

Below you will see some of our other favorite Sephora finds.
THESE cheek stains are sure to brighten your day!

OMG. I must have THIS rainbow pack of nail color bliss. I'll get you one if you get me one!
THIS mini perfume pack by Benefit is delightful. My favorite flavor in the pack~
"Hooked on Carmella"
Oh Prince Charming....HINT HINT!

THIS hint of sparkle is absolutely perfectly perfect. I'm pretty sure it will be my treat to myself the next time I visit.
If you don't live near a Sephora...well...that just sucks.;)
See you tomorrow!

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