This and That

Weekend Happenings....
Found a place for my silly new chair.
Went bowling. Well I didn't but Prince Charming and the children did. He thinks he's a pretty freakin awesome bowler-or something.

Found a "bedroom" for Berkley. How loving us. He gets the stairway nook.
(He was in our room but all the darling little grunts and snorts aren't so darling at 3am!)

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Don't you just love kissing on a newborn?

Lucy found the red lipstick. She does a killer application job eh?!

Accessory overload at Forever 21 (while the rest of the fam went bowling.) Have you been to the new Forever 21 at Tacoma mall? It goes on FOREVER!

Fancy toes for Lu.
These are stinkin cute. Wanna pair for your mini muffin? Click HERE.
BTW...I got mine 45% off! Yep, 45%. DEAL!

Last but not least. Drinking my beer.
Rootbeer that is.

Believe it or not it's Monday again already!
Get over yourself and enjoy the day!
P.S. I featured THESE on my blog a while back. You MUST go buy yourself a pair now! I'm not kidding. They are the most comfortable thing ever! Ever! Ever!

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