Weekend Happenings

Announcing to you all...
The world MUST be coming to an end.
That would be homemade rolls you're lookin' at.

and me in an apron.
What's my problem you may wonder? My friend leaves this Thursday for a three week cruise to like a million super crazy cool places around the world (Spain, Morocco, Brazil~just to name a few.) And even though I HATE her guts, she is going to miss Thanksgiving so we decided to celebrate the day of thanks early. Poor picked on you for having to miss Thanksgiving. I hope your cruise ship breaks down and you have to eat sardines and Spam! Loser! You better bring me home something expensive!


You listen here Mr. Monkey. Today you will take a LONG nap so Mommy can take a shower, brush her teeth and wash the only pair of pants that fit her.

Excuse me? Are you sticking your tongue out at me already? That's it...you're soooo grounded mister.

Seriously Berks, you'll be dateless for the rest of your life if you continue to sport this look.
Welcome back Monday.
Get over yourself and make it a good one!:)

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Mandy said...

Congrats on the baby! He is such a cuttie pie.