The Blazin Blazer

I must confess...

I have secretly wished to own a boyfriend blazer for a while now but, have been far too cheap to actually make the purchase knowing that A. one such article of clothing isn't all that conducive to my life style and B. if I did buy one it would probably collect dust in the back of my closet.
However, while browsing the clearance section at Target last night I came upon the perfectly priced, perfectly fitted jacket of joy. So, for a mere $15 bucks (yes I bought it because it was on sale. Do I need it? Of course not.) I can now get over my boyfriend blazer obsession and get on with my life. If you are looking for the perfect comfort blazer stop in to your local Target. I bet you will like it too! Hmm...now what to wear it with? THESE in gold could be super fab!

Now all I need is a fan and I'm convinced I will look just like this girl while wearing my new blazer. :)
P.S. THIS T is AWESOME! They are a great length and the price is right! Go buy one to wear with your $15 blazer!

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