It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Girls can appreciate a cool gadget too!
Trends for the gift giving season.
{laser hair removal device}
Got girlstache issues? Just sayin;).Then THIS gadget could be your new BFF.

{Bose sound system}
Guys aren't the only ones who can appreciate awesome sound. THIS one is even portable.

{touch nano}
I would use THIS a lot! My ipod is from the dark ages. But I still heart it. However compared to this it's a beast!

{iphone 4}
Yes please. I'll take THIS. I'm sure 1/2 of you out there already have one. I'll try my best to not be jealous but I bet you're jealous of my BIGGER & BETTER coverage. Gotta love Verizon for that.

{towel warmer}
I have always wanted one of THESE. Ooh La Cozy!

{password keeper)
*This one's for you Peeps!
Just when I think I have a password "system" down then a doozy gets thrown at me. Like "must contain 2 numbers, 4 capitals and a piece of pie."
{video camera/camera}
OMG! This is super fun! The Costco expert man with a cool accent (he was Irish) pulled one of THESE out of the packaging for me to play with. It's a quick, pull out of your pocket video camera. Maybe you've heard of the Flip. Same thing.

{grocery list recorder}
I TOTALLY needed one of these the other day. THIS might make me passionate about grocery shopping. Ah....Nah. But it's still neato.

Fa la la la la la la la la!
Got your shopping done?

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