"Little" Black Dress

So I bought THIS dress (with a cardi) for a bit of a special occasion. Don't you just love a "special occasion"? What better excuse can one have to justify something new. Ooh, maybe I should start calling diaper changing time a "special occasion". Hmm...Anyway....
It was Cute. Not perfect. Okay priced. Polka dots, my fav. and in my size (sorta). On the rack hung the size I used to be, the size I pretend to be and the size I just might really be. My mind thinking: Well of course I'm not back to THE size I used to be. Duh! And certainly I can't be THAT size. So, let's go with THIS size. And off I went to the check out.
Sunday morning I put the dress on (sorta). I tried to tackle the fitting myself but just couldn't reach the zipper (Sure, that was the problem! Those "side" zippers can be tricky. Wink.) I called Kels in to assist. He grunted. He grunted some more. He waved and blew on his finger because the zipper pull was causing him pain. After a valiant effort on his part he quit and said, "Mom are you sure this dress is the right size?"
My mind thinking again: "Ah hem...thank you my son. That will be enough. Stupid freakin dress!"
Speaking of little black dresses THIS one is precious and THIS one is for the red carpet!

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