Home Sweet Home for the Accessories

Ooh la la yes please!

Ooh la la no thanks I'll pass!

A little ring there, a sentimental bracelet there. Do you have proper storage for your accessory collection? Now days we're seeing many more decorative options to show off our jewels rather than just plopping them inside an outdated cherry wood, gold trimmed box. I must confess. I would need an entire room to display all the tacky accessories that make up my personal collection. And no, I'm not bragging about my excessive collection. More like making fun of all the crap I have held on to over the years. (Thank you Forever XXI.) But I have chosen a few display worthy pieces and the rest live in shoe boxes. Most of my displays come from antique stores or TJ Maxx. Be creative and look outside your jewelry box to find fun displays!

Show off the things you love!

Happy jewelry box shopping!

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annette said...

Valentine's Day is a great time to get cute pink and red girly candy dishes for your jewelry. That's what I use for my rings and bracelets that I can't hang. :)