Weekend Happenings

I'm Back! Almost. It's taken three months but I finally found my polka dot loving, hot pink wearing, crazy headband, chunky jewels self. At least for a couple hours. Then of course I came home and went back to THESE but...I feel good. Real good. Now I shall patiently wait for jean fitting day. However, there will be no breath holding for this day. If I did I for sure would be dead! You know, having babies can really screw up a butt.

Hello my heels. I missed you. Look, I brought you flowers
so you wouldn't be upset by the lack of attention.
Want a pair of cutie flowers for your shoes?
Comes see me HERE!

Lulu was feeling left out and wanted a photo shoot of her own. Can't blame the girl.

Like Momma like daughter.

It's MONDAY! Are you ready for the week that awaits you?
Me either. I already need a nap.
P.S. Seriously, you must get yourself a pair of THESE. They are a Mom's BFF! If THESE are your BFF do yourself a favor and throw them away now. Why? Because they are FUGLY (that means SUPER ugly) and they make you look fat!

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Anonymous said...

OK seriously I laughed out loud when you said you were all cute and stuff and then you came home and went back to THESE because when you click on THESE it takes you to the Victoria Secret page and instead of the PINK sweats that I'm sure you meant to be there it is just the cover page with a almost naked lady with a fancy bra! So is that the trick to a happy marriage? Just trotting around in your fancy bra and panties?! :-) Hey whatever works...but really you have always been cute even the day after Berkster was born (ok i secretly think you are fat and ugly).
Peace out girlscout...
Your bestest peeps