Weekend Smiles

Lucy's princess creation. Notice the green polka dots on her forehead.
When I asked her what they were she said, "Polka dots from the sun" (freckles).
Don't you just ADORE children's artwork?
Gingersnap cookies made by my son who I have decided is going to be my personal chef. We'll eat cookies and pancakes everyday but none the less, I'll officially have a personal chef.

Red velvet bow shoes for $4.89. Yep...four dollars and eighty nine cents.
It's okay to be jealous of my steal of a deal.

FINALLY! A bra miracle.
(Yes, that would be a picture of my bra, that I personally wear, posted on my blog in case you were wondering.)

Fresh flowers from my Prince Charming.
Okay...fine...I bought them for myself but I'm sure Prince Charming meant to bring me these flowers. Or not.:)
Here it is, MONDAY again.
May we all find joy in our journeys this week!
I "get" to go to the dentist today to get my skaggle tooth fixed~UGH~that is anything but joyful!

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annette said...

I bought 2 new VS bras today because of you. Thanks! *grin*